The world has come a long way since 2000. Over the past two decades, the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we find information has transformed thanks to the digital landscape.

Today, it seems that we can find everything we need at the touch of the button – with almost 80% of adults using a smart phone. Ultimately, as a society we’re always connected. And as a result, it’s important that businesses harness this connectivity as part of their business and marketing strategy.

Did you know, one in five minutes spent online is spent on social media? That’s a stat that business should not ignore. Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook feeds, sharing tweets or uploading holiday snaps on Instagram, social media has become a part of everyday life. The corporate world even has its own social media pulse thanks to LinkedIn.

As experts in all things digital, we know how important social media should be in any marketing strategy. So in 2019 we made the move to merge our offering with Think Social Business a social media marketing agency, and a year later we’re delivering the combined power of Paid Advertising, Website Design & Development and Social Media Marketing in Essex through our new business Squarestar Digital.

In our latest blog post, Director of HLD and Co-director of Squarestar Digital, Alex Gill, shares his top reasons why social media should be top of your business strategy’s agenda:

1. Immediately get in front of your audience

Gone are the days where marketing and advertising was passive, relying on your target audience to spot your advertorial in the local paper, or pay attention to your all-singing-all-dancing ad during a commercial break on the radio or TV.

Today, thanks to social media, you can grow your audience immediately through incredibly targeted adverts, or creative and engaging content.

The majority of social media platforms allow you to really drill down into your target demographic through their advertising functions – from age and gender, through to interests and location. Plus social media advertising can offer great value for money, allowing you to be in complete control of how much you spend.

You can also grow your audience organically through trending hashtags and building engagement through likes, comments and shares…

2. Build your brand’s presence and identity

As you build engagement with your target audience, your brand’s presence automatically grows alongside it. This can be done organically, without you having to spend a single penny!

Make your brand stand out from your competitors by sharing content which engages your audience. Really think about who you want to target. Build a picture of your customer and create updates which will pique their interest or curiosity. Utilise images and videos regularly to make your content even more engaging.

3. Drive relevant traffic to your website

Your website is the book cover for your business. It goes without saying that it should form the corner stone of your business strategy. However, there’s no point having a strong website if you’re not driving relevant traffic to it. Getting your social media feeds right can help make the difference

If you’re successfully engaging with your target audience on socials, you can also direct them to different pages of your site by including links in each of your posts.
Have you recently shared a blog post which is topical or provides information? Share a link to the story. Have you just launched a new service? Share a link to your services page. Have you just welcomed a new team member? Share a link to your team page. You’ll be surprised how many people will click through if you give them something interesting and useful to read.
But don’t forget to ensure your Google Analytics is set up correctly so you can accurately track where this traffic is coming from!

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