Success Stories: Pimlico Plumbers

pimlico plumbers


  • Adwords account always been a huge source of leads across each of its services.
  • Costs and CPA increasing each year.


  • Control Spend
  • Lower CPA
  • Increase the volume of leads to coincide with a larger work force


  • After an in-depth audit was carried out, we discovered that mobile campaigns out performing the desktop campaigns 2:1, and that there was room to improve and scope out these campaigns.
  • Further segregate keyword match types and devices
  • Increase conversions through widening location targeting for top performing campaigns
  • Manage spend during ‘peak’ periods
  • Continuously A/B test adcopy and granularise campaigns for more effective ads
  • Other ‘tricks of the trade’ were also used to improve lead quantity and reduce CPA.

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