Success Stories: Window Shadings

Window Shading


Improve the volume of leads and improve CPA.


  • Broke out campaigns by product and also match type to enable a more granular level of optimisation. It also enabled us to add additional & converting long tail search terms to exact match campaigns
  • Improved the location targeting, removing non performing locations and trialling location based campaigns with great success. It also enabled us to introduce new locations swiftly and effectively
  • Remove ineffective and broad targeting 
  • We took a detailed look at the average position across best and worst performing keywords to ensure they were best placed on Google
  • A low CPC broad match strategy has also enabled us to spot new keyword opportunities and increase traffic through the account
  • DSA strategy introduced
  • Mobile & desktop bid strategy implemented to the account
  • Remarketing and RLSA strategies have been implemented to ensure website visitors come back and convert.

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